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Miss Baker was sorely missed when she died, for there seemed to be no more extremely-organized Parish events.

Avril Salmon, who saw her garden as a gift from God, felt it would be nice to share this with the people of the Parish, and if possible start once more, some sort of Parish event. But what to put on the general invite going out to everyone was a problem. It would definitely not be a fund-raising thing, or a Garden Party but just a day of enjoyment of the company of each other, and sharing food together.

She tried to find a simple way of describing it, and her friend suggested Synago, coming from the word Synagogue, meaning a gathering or assembly. The Latin title of this was synagoga, so she just left off the last two letters.

The first year was a great success with plenty of food being brought, cooked on the barbeque by volunteers, and ate by everyone. Along with chairs and tables from the Jubilee Hall, people bought plenty of umbrellas and in some cases, their comfortable garden chairs.

Village Photos Synago's 6, 7 & 8

Avril made sure there were plenty of provisions for children of all ages, from toddler's toys, toy cars and railway, and dressing-up clothes.

Village Photos Synago's 1, 2, and 3 At that time a Mother and Toddler group were meeting at the Jubilee Hall. And we were allowed to borrow many of their equipment.

Village Photos Synago's 4

We had several 'musicians' in the Parish, and borrowing a rather Buckingham-Palace-looking gazebo, the musicians plus instruments and amplifiers were placed under this in the shade, with leads going into the Salmon shed and connecting to the plugs there. So, amongst all the chatting and shouting and laughing, music was, heard throughout the afternoon and evening.

Village photos Synago's 9

Because of its success, another one was held the next year, with the addition of a fun pool, bought by the Salmon's next door neighbour Chris Pritchard, and later given to the Salmon family for future use.

Village Photos Synago's 5

At the very first Synago, Tony Reason brought his camcorder spent the whole afternoon and some of the evening recording the event – click on here to see it:-


Old-age and children leaving the Salmon Household slowly brought the Summer Synago to an end. For how could invites be sent out to a garden full of weeds and where creaking joints slowed up the preparations needed to get everything ready in time!

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